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About Us


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A message from our Chairman and Managing Director

Although external conditions were challenging, we took advantage of the opportunities and showed one of our best performances in recent years. We reached our goal of exceeding last year's performance by maintaining our relentless focus.

With respect to our future strategies, we are prioritizing the following three areas - continued focus on EPC and HAM in the road sector; a move up the value chain; and diversification into other areas of the infrastructure space.

Satyanarayan Patra

How It Works

Our journey began in 2017 as Satyam COLLECTION.



The company aims to become one of the most admired and most trusted infrastructure companies in the country, providing quality "creations & services" on time and within budget, maintaining high standards of infrastructure creation, and creating new benchmarks in standards of operations and financial performance, responsible citizenship, and profitable growth, thereby contributing to the growth of this industry and creating superior value for all stakeholders.



Our goal is to develop world-class assets and infrastructure that will enable India to achieve faster and consistent growth to become the world's economic power.

To exceed customers' expectations and establish a respected household name by earning trust and confidence from all stakeholders.

Our Team

We dedicate ourselves as a team to ensuring that our clients are always satisfied.